D ter
Saxophones(s) & Multimédia

*Pur-sax (le spectacle) (1992) Sino S A T B Bas CB 30' / 70'

Shigenobu NAKAMURA
The tune of the wind, the sound of the breath (1995) video, bande et A 10'

Vitor RUA
*Gula (1998) # électronique, vidéo, lumiere Sino B 16'

*Do-Mi-Si-La-Do-Ré (1981) S A T B Bas 16'



Sino sopranino saxophone
S soprano saxophone
A saxophone alto
T tenor saxophone
B baritone saxophone
Bas bass saxophone
CB contrabass saxophone

Sist' saxophonistes (5 Sist' = 5 saxophonistes)
(s) saxophone(s) = several saxophones, 1 player

* work written for Kientzy
c work premiered by Kientzy
# work recorded by Kientzy
(#) work in progress of recording
ø world first Phonographic