(potentialacustico-expresif of the 7 saxophones)

"SAXOLOGY" proposes a complete inventory, on the seven saxophones, of all the sounds and playing techniques, notables and reproductibles in their entirety by one interpreter.

It invents and baptises new playing techniques and proposes an appropriate notation.
"SAXOLOGIE" analyses:
- about fifty envelope modes
- about thirty sound sustaining techniques
- about thirty other playing techniques and "special effects"
It deals with the "whys" and "wherefores" of acoustics.
It reveals the "ins" and "outs" of instrumental techniques.

It describes their application:
- practical: pitch fields, dynamics, velocity
- aesthetical: acoustic and expressive behaviour

"SAXOLOGY" also lists vertical and horizontal combinations.
In order to clarify the descriptions, a detailed exploration of the acoustic functioning of the saxophone introduces the work.
"SAXOLOGY" lays down the technical foundations for a New/Complete / Authentic Virtuosity
"SAXOLOGY" introduces a new musical discipline: THE INSTRUMENTOLOGY